Acupuncture Treatments to Lose Weight

Weight loss with acupuncture was not documented in the ancient Chinese medicine works, but in recent years clinical acupuncture experience shows promising
effects on curbing cravings and suppresses appetite to achieve weight loss. Basically weight loss by acupuncture has been accepted positively and widely these
days. Especially for those are not suitable for surgery or want to lose weight fast, acupuncture is a better option.

As for the methods commonly used acupuncture to lose weight, experts say, the following 5 are the most commonly used methods:

1. Ear Acupuncture to lose weight

Ear acupoints: mouth, esophagus, duodenum, hunger point, endocrine, brain, stomach.

2. Body acupuncture to lose weight part 1

Acupuncture Treatment protocols: The main acupoints of RN4-Guanyuan and SP6-Sanyinjiao.

Auxiliary acupoints: On the basis of patterns by syndrome differentiation.

Pattern of Spleen deficiency and Dampness stagnation: Neiguan (P6), Shuifen (CV 9), Tianshu (St 25), Fenglong (St 40), Lieque (L 7), Pishu (BL20).

Pattern of accumulated Dampness-heat: Quchi (LI 11), Zhigou (TE 6), Daheng (Sp15), Siman (Ki 14), Neiting (S44), Fujie (SP 14).

Pattern of Conception Channel (Ren Mai) disorder: Zhigou (TE 6), Zhongzhu (Ki 15), Taimai (Gb 26), Xuehai (Sp10), Shenshu (Bl 23), Taixi (K 3).

3. Body acupuncture to lose weight  part 2

Acupuncture Treatment protocols: Main acupoints of Tianshu (S25), Daheng (Sp15) and zhongwan (RN12).

Auxiliary acupoints: Quchi (LI 11), Hegu (Li4), Gaohuang (BL43), Neiting (S44), Sanyinjiao (SP6).

4. Elongated needle to lose weight

Acupuncture Treatment protocols: Jian yu (LI15) through Quchi (LI 11), Liangqiu (ST 34) through Biguan (ST 31), Liangmen (ST 21) through Guilai (ST29).

Operation: Spare No.28 three-inch-long needle, insert needle every acupoint each treatment.

Moxibustion to lose weight

Acupuncture Treatment protocols: the main acupoints are Yangchi (SJ 4) and Sanjiaoshu (BL 22)

Auxiliary acupoints: Diji (SP8), Mingmen (GV 4), Sanyinjiao (SP6), Dazhui (GV 14).

Operation: Select one main point and one auxiliary point each treatment, ginger moxibustion with acupuncture treatment.

TCM Massage for Weight Loss

TCM massage also called tui-na has been applied for 2000 years; it is widely
used in Chinese medicine. The techniques are simple and fairly easy to
manipulate and is especially good for localized slimming. It can be used
on its own, but it is usually used in conjunction with other treatment strategies.

TCM massage therapy promotes qi (vital energy) and blood flow, helps to
remove obstructions in the meridians and relieves stagnation. Different forms
of pressure are applied depending on whether the aim is to tonify, to reduce,
or to achieve a relative neutral, calming effect. Massage helps restore
localized blood circulation and increases the metabolic rate and lipid break
down in the targeted area.

1. Topical massage

These are very simple and straightforward massage techniques. Choose the
appropriate regions, e.g. abdomen, hip, waist and thigh, use a hot towel to rub
and scrub the area first, and then apply the recommended amount of herbal
paste on it. The strength of pressure depends on the thickness of fat tissues
and individual's condition. Basically a person should feel comfortable after
massage. The usual manipulations are pressing, rubbing, pushing and
grasping techniques. Each session should last for 10-15 minutes and be
performed two to three times daily.

2. Massage of acu-points

This massage technique concentrates on applying pressure to specific acu-points in order to achieve specific systemic changes in the body. The choice of
acu-points is based on the type of diagnostic pattern that is used in acupuncture treatment. It is suitable for localized slimming.

For example, the protocol for the abdominal region is: Lying flat on the back, untie the belt and relax the whole body. Apply pressure on acu-points such as
zhong-wan, zhong-shu and guan-yuen by pinching, rubbing, vibrating and pressing with palm manipulation. Sometimes digital-striking on the acu-points is used in
order to reinforce the stimulations. Each session should last for ten minutes and be performed once daily.

3. Massage follows the meridians

Physicians massage areas through which the meridians run, and especially treat the acu-points along them. The meridians mainly focused on are the spleen,
stomach, lung and bladder. Physicians usually manipulate them by using pushing, grasping, pressing, striking, pinching, rubbing and rolling techniques.

For example, individuals lying flat on their back are massaged along the lung, spleen and kidney meridians; the usual selected acu-points are: zhong-fu,
yun-men, ti-wei, sheng-wei, fu-jie, fu-she, zhong-wan, qi-hai and guan-yuan. Individuals lying face down are massaged along the bladder meridian; the
usual selected acu-points are pi-shu, wei-shu and shen-shu. Massage should occur three times weekly; four weeks is considered one course.

Although massage is generally very safe, some precautions should be noted. Never use massage on someone who is suffering from severe cardiovascular
or liver disease; avoid massage on areas where there are lumps, tumors or skin lesions. Take extreme care with massage during pregnancy or menstruation
and in elderly persons. A professional massage therapist should be sought where possible.

Chinese Food Therapy for Weight Loss

Chinese people are very concerned about their daily food consumption; they consider it a first line of treatment. It is common for the Chinese to treat a minor ailment
with a specially prepared meal or by including a particular ingredient in a dish. Based on the classification of patterns suggested above, there are two main ways of
treating obesity by food therapy:

(a) Transform phlegm and eliminate dampness by drying the body and
(b) Fortify the spleen and invigorate the kidneys.

Chinese people consider food a first line treatment of obesity

A. Methods of drying the body

Absorb dampness inside the body
Cool the body to facilitate fluid passage
Warm the body

1. Promote urination

Wax gourd promotes urination.
The first method is to promote urination, which may be compared with diuretics in Western medicine. Small red beans, corn and corn silk, Job's tears, soya beans,
wax gourd and garlic significantly promote urination.

2. Get rid of water in the Body
This method involves absorbing tissue fluids in the body. Absorbing water in the body can be compared to that of a sponge soaking up spilt water; promoting
urination removes water from the body through excretion. The majority of foods and herbs that can absorb water inside the body are aromatic, and the two items
used most frequently are broad beans and hyacinth beans. The aromatic foods not only can absorb water inside the body, but also can stop diarrhea for the same

Broad beans help absorb water inside the body.
Broad beans can be ground into a powder to be taken with warm water, but they can also be fried with oil and salt until they break and smell aromatic. Use unshelled
beans, as the shell has a better effect of absorbing water inside the body and promoting urination.
Hyacinth beans can be used the same as broad beans. In Chinese herbal therapy, hyacinth beans are very frequently used to relieve diarrhea and abdominal pain
due to excessive water in the intestine. They may be used in soup or in powder form.

3. Cool the body to facilitate passage of water
A dry-hot physical constitution is not prone to obesity as is a damp-hot physical constitution. For example, if you set fire to damp firewood, it will not burn quickly but
produce a lot of smoke, which is not good. Similarly when water and heat mix in the body, neither will go away. The result is difficulty when urinating or discharge of
reddish urine in small quantities.

The strategy, therefore, is to cool the body, allowing water to flow. Food and herbs with a cold energy and a bitter flavor are used for this purpose, because cold
energy can cool the body and the bitter flavor can dry it.

Bitter gourd and mung beans are helpful in people with a hot damp physical constitution.
Bitter gourd - can significantly cool the body, reduce nervous tension due to its cold energy, and also can soften the stools due to its bitter flavor. People with a
hot-damp physical constitution often suffer from constipation, which may be effectively relieved by using bitter gourd as a soup, as a vegetable or as a tea.
Mung beans. May be used by those with a hot-damp physical constitution to rid the body of excessive water. Although mung beans have a cool energy and a sweet
flavor, they are rather effective in removing water and reducing body heat.

4. Warm the body
This is suitable for people with a cold-damp physical constitution. The strategy is to warm the body so that the water can flow out of the body, either through
urination or perspiration. Foods producing best results should have a warm or hot energy and a pungent-sweet flavor. Hot or warm energy increases body heat,
pungent flavor increases perspiration, and a sweet or light flavor promotes urination. Cinnamon satisfies these three conditions.

Fresh ginger - is used frequently to counteract cold, particularly in winter and when it is used along with dry orange peel to make tea, its effects are significantly

**After the excessive evils in the body have been removed and the body is dry, the person should remain slim and stay in good shape. However, a balanced diet
and regular exercise should always be maintained.
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